Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Inspiring civic engagement...on the subway

Great article on the Design Observer Group's site about one teacher's efforts to inspire civic engagement and journalistic practice among students and citizens alike...on the subways.

Read Article here:

"Much more than we do now, we need to use civic engagement to achieve education goals. Being educated starts with being a citizen of your community. Right now in urban centers across the United States, there is a dearth of motivation and interest among students who believe that so-called "progress in the real world" is disconnected from their classroom experiences."
-Alexander Heffner, Taking the A-Train

I've often mulled over interesting and productive ways to utilize time spent on public transportation. Obvious choices are reading, catching up on your organizer or even just taking a moment to do nothing and rest. But I love this idea of starting a trickle of dialogue among passengers. One thing I thrived on when being a student was that opportunity to connect academic projects to "real world efforts" in fact make the project a real world effort.

I hope Heffner's students have a ball with it. Their work would probably certainly make for a great that would no doubt be a great read for anyone in transit between point a and point b who has some mental time to spare to chew on thoughts about society.

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